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All Academy of Digital Media In-Classroom Courses and On-Demand Webinars are non-technical, stand-alone curriculum designed to enable all students to immediately understand and engage in interactive digital media, marketing and advertising. While you are not required to take our basic “Essentials” courses prior to taking other upper-level courses, the introductory courses are designed as lead-ins to ensure you have mastered the basics.

NEW SEMINAR! Principles of Programmatic Media – a comprehensive course that delivers essential insight into the world of programmatic media. A “Must-Take” course, absolutely required for today’s sellers, publishers, and agencies to survive! Also available as a webinar. Click for more information.

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Essentials of Digital Media


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This course teaches the topics, concepts and best practices that will dramatically and immediately improve your job performance!


This Essentials of Digital Media course goes beyond the basics and covers the topics and issues necessary to understand how digital media is valued and transacted. This course is an absolute requirement if your work involves understanding the assets, terminology, and best practices for how digital media is bought and sold, how it is measured, and how to value media to achieve campaign and client objectives; as well as an essential course for anyone wishing to study for and pass the IAB Digital Sales Certification Exam.
The curriculum reveals all of the assets and capabilities of digital ads; from display, mobile, video, and search, to social and native ads. You’ll get a comprehensive view of ad technology, illustrating how ad delivery and programmatic media work, and how audience data is used to ensure the right ad is served to the right person with the right message. The curriculum reveals all of the metrics and considerations for measuring the impact of digital ads in a cross-screen world. 

This course provides media and marketing professionals with the essential building blocks needed to ensure a complete and deep perspective of all digital media opportunities. As with all Academy of Digital Media courses, our courses take a “how-to” approach, so you can immediately use your new knowledge to improve your productivity and enhance your career opportunities.

Students taking this course will be able to: 
- Identify all of the different display, mobile, video, social, search, and native ad formats
- Define the characteristics of rich media 
- Relate how ad formats influence performance metrics
- Properly explain the functions of ad serving, the role of ad servers 
- Recount how ads are served and why/where discrepancies occur in counting impressions
- Define criteria for counting ad impressions and viewable ad impressions
- Define the ad tech stack and differentiate between SSP, DSP, and DMP functions
- Understand the benefits of programmatic media
- Convey how data is collected and used in ad targeting
- Identify 5 major targeting categories, and the advantages and considerations for each
- Describe different types of audience targeting and how advertisers need to approach audience segmentation and retargeting
- Explain the differences between geo-aware and geo-fencing as part of the mobile targeting 
- Define all the key measurement terms 
- Differentiate the performance metrics and how to apply them based on campaign objectives
- Prepare a perspective on how click-through rates should be used 
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Principles of Programmatic Media


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This comprehensive curriculum delivers the essential insights into the world of programmatic media…necessary knowledge for today’s sellers, publishers, agencies, planners and buyers.

Participants will understand all the components and key ingredients for mastering programmatic opportunities, such as guaranteed inventory, private marketplaces, bidding strategies and the crucial requisite of how audience data is collected and applied in delivery of media.

 New! Our Programmatic Media Glossary is now available FREE upon request. Click here

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IAB Digital Sales Certification Exam Prep Session - 9:00AM - 12:00PM


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IAB Digital Sales Certification Exam Prep Session - 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Industry’s Leading Instructor (IAB Founding Board Member)
3 Hour Intensive Program
Focus on Areas Most Likely on Exam
Update and Clarify Existing Knowledge
Interactive Tutorial plus Q&A Format
This review session is the best preparation for taking the IAB Digital Media Sales Certification. This session is taught by Leslie Laredo, the established leader in digital ad sales training and with an impeccable reputation for preparing her students to be successful selling digital advertising. The session will walk participants through all the IAB exam major content areas, focusing on the topics that tend to be the most difficult or least understood. This half-day prep session will help you determine which areas to focus on as you prepare for the exam.

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