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Client Testimonials (partial list … more available upon request)
See what some of the world’s leading agencies, marketers, publishers and technology companies think about the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA and the bottom-line value it brought to their companies. Contact information for references are available upon request. Please email us!

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“A lot of work went into finding a training company that could deliver on our extensive requirements. After reviewing several programs, we selected the Academy of Digital Media and they exceeded our expectations for every deliverable. The training, led by Leslie Laredo, kept all the participants actively engaged over the 2-day program, which was done in 4 cities. Everyone appreciated Leslie’s deep knowledge of the industry as well as her insights in how digital agencies would respond to our programs and how we should address what’s important to them. The sessions were fun and challenging, she fostered a positive learning environment, and energized our teams to tackle digital selling with passion and confidence. The training was an overwhelming success.”

Lorenzo Papa, EVP Ad Sales, Captivate

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“Our training with the Academy of Digital a division of the Laredo Group was a huge success. What really set Academy of Digital Media apart from other training programs we’ve done is the time they spent preparing for our team training. They took the time to really understand our business in order to better tailor a training curriculum to our unique needs and objectives. They spent many hours preparing for the training, understanding our company, our products, our sales processes and even team culture. As a result, they established credibility at the outset and had our team bought into the program right from the start. The training has enabled our sellers to move out of a transactional style of selling and into and consultative and insights-led selling style. This has enabled us to differentiate in the marketplace, be more relevant in front of our prospects and ultimately close more of the right business.

I highly recommend Laredo Group to any sales leaders looking to elevate their sales team and improve performance.”

Tobey Van Santvoord, Senior Vice President of Sales, Midwest & West

Academy of Digital Media female participant

“My first seminar with the Academy of Digital Media was in 2008, one year after I started my own Media Agency. The world of media was changing so fast I knew that we had to prepare for all things Digital, or be left behind.

I am not sure how I got so lucky to find Leslie Laredo, but what I walked away with after that first seminar was a comprehensive understanding of the Digital landscape, along with the knowledge and tools to execute Digital buys. This positioned us to have a considerable advantage over other agencies, and continues to.

Her seminars presented the infrastructure in an easy-to-understand way, taking the “mystery” out of Digital Media, while giving the detail necessary to navigate these channels expertly and efficiently. They also provide resources going forward including manuals and online access to valuable information.

The Academy of Digital Media is continually updating their programs and we attend courses periodically to stay current. We can easily say that had it not been for The Academy of Digital Media, we would not be celebrating 10 years of growth and counting!”

Principal, Media and Marketing Services Agency

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“I am IAB Certified and would like to say that Laredo/Leslie’s training was very comprehensive and well thought out. I would recommend it to anyone, trying to become IAB Certified.”

LSM, Comcast Spotlight

Academy of Digital Media female participant

“I just passed the IAB Media Sales Certification exam and truly appreciated the educational opportunity the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA’s training provided. After taking the ACADEMY’s Essentials of Digital Media training program and reviewing their course material (btw, the course manual was an instrumental study tool to prep for the exam), I felt well-prepared and very confident. Taking their course was time well spent!”

Account Director, Media Sales

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“Leslie Laredo is a master digital sales trainer who is incredibly versatile, knowledgeable, connected and savvy. If you are a novice, you’ll be caught up to speed. If you are a pro, you’ll learn new tricks of the trade, industry standards, and cutting edge technology platforms to enhance your day to day and long term perspective. If you are a salesperson, you’ll walk away with knowledge that will empower you to be an intelligent, consultative negotiator with your clients. If you’re a manager, you’ll hear what others in the field are doing to increase revenue, test the latest ideas and be on the cutting edge of what’s next in the digital space.

I met Leslie 7 years ago and raved about her training until I had the pleasure of sitting in one of her sessions again a few months back. She was the same wonderful person with a smart, lovely, friendly persona and energy while chock full of more digital sales knowledge than a room full of ‘experts’ combined. Big picture or small, long term strategy or daily benefits, historic perspective or insights and trends to watch, Leslie will make you feel smart, give you tangible information you’ll be able to use immediately and you’ll walk away better (and I mean MUCH better) from the experience.”

Joanna Harp, Ad Director, Crain’s New York Business

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“We are pleased with our selection of the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA as a partner in growing the digital industry acumen of over 500 of our sales and marketing associates. Our main goal was to increase the foundational knowledge and comfort level in selling digital, preventing objections and educating our clients.

The ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA provided initial, baseline testing, foundational and intermediate web-based training videos, and a post test. Prior to starting the training we also had the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA present to 125 sales and marketing leaders at our Sales Leadership meeting. They also created a customized training video for us as a follow up to their standard coursework.

We experienced a 33 percentage point increase from the baseline exam to the post training exam. This is with the higher passing threshold that we set internally. 99.8% achieved our adjusted passing score (100% achieved the recommended score). Currently, the number of associates achieving their digital quota is up 81% over same time prior year and overall percentage of associates selling digital is also up over prior year. In addition, I have received a great deal of feedback from leadership and our front line sales associates that their comfort level in discussing digital was directly impacted by the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA training.

The training was so successful, that we continue to use it as part of our new sales hire onboarding process and I regularly receive requests from support departments for the training as well. ACADEMY has fully demonstrated their expertise, provided solid content and exceptional service after the sale. I would definitely choose them again.”

Andrea Caldwell, Director, Learning and Development, Valassis

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“When my team needed sales training, the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA was the obvious choice as their experience and knowledge in the digital advertising space is unmatched. What really separates the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA from the other sales trainers however is the amount of time and effort they put into understanding their clients’ individual situations and needs. As part of their pre-training process, Leslie Laredo spent many hours learning about our company, our sales organization, our sales processes, our products and our competition. As a result, when she entered the room on the first day of training, she had instant credibility and the respect of the entire sales team. I highly recommend the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA to any company that is looking to take their sales to the next level.”

Ian Silverstein, VP, Global Sales, ROBLOX

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“Leslie Laredo is one of the most impressive sales trainers I have ever encountered. Her attention to detail and ability to adapt to a diverse group and interact with everyone is awesome. The content coverage along with how much engagement and pushing everyone to think about the topics, understand different perspectives, and insights on how to use the information, made this an amazing educational experience. The student manual will be an important reference and study guide. I really look forward to continuing my education with the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA.”

Christopher Masters, Senior Account Executive, Operative

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“I so enjoyed my time with the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA! I was just at a client lunch and I want to tell you, I already see a difference in my understanding of the digital ad sales world! It is great to see results so quickly.”


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“I wanted to personally thank you again for the past two days of training. Our team here really got a lot out of it and are all asking me follow up questions and next steps for our local clients. You can be sure that we’ll put this great info to work here as soon as possible.”

Digital Manager, Cox Television

“Cox Media did not just hire the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA but invested in the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA’s training to improve the knowledge and skills of digital media sellers…which has resulted in increasing digital ad revenue every month since we completed the training.”

Sales Executive and Media Consultant, Cox Media

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“Thank you so much for the training! Our team absolutely loved our day together and they are charged to hit the streets and increase sales! The information discussed really opened up a whole new conversation that we weren’t able to have before. I think the AE’s are empowered and feel much more comfortable speaking digital than ever before.”

ESPN Radio

“Solid and concise.”

Account Executive, ESPN Radio

“Excellent foundation to provide confidence and raise level of expertise.”

Senior Account Executive, ESPN Radio

“Great material – will be a reference. It was a good review and learned more about how to sell ESPN Digital in the current media world.”

Account Executive, ESPN Radio

“Extremely insightful and thought provoking. Lots of next steps.”

General Sales Manager, ESPN Radio

“Really thorough course, well prepared and very concise. Would highly recommend to anyone in the digital space.”

Performance Consultant, ESPN Radio

“This course was fantastic. I feel like I am ahead of the curve of people across my industry in my current position.”

Sales Coordinator, ESPN Radio

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“the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA’s webinars cover all the important details of the online advertising industry, from the different types of ad units and success rates, to helping you maintain your client’s success by clearly understanding vital campaign terminology. The webinars thoroughly help you understand the difference between branding and direct response advertising and when optimization is necessary. For anyone who wants to have a complete understanding of how the advertising industry functions on every level, these courses are a great way to help you gain the knowledge to thrive”

Ryan Jarrell, Account Executive, ECT News Network

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“Overall instruction was valuable. Great start to speak intelligently with customers about getting results for their clients.”

Senior Account Manager, Arbitron

“Wow! Best training we’ve ever had at a sales meeting.”

Account Manager, Arbitron

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“It was very helpful to get such a thorough rundown of all the technical aspects of the digital medium. It will give me the confidence to speak these things more intelligently as well as approach marketing ideas from a more strategic perspective.”

Associate Director, Us Weekly

“Overall a very helpful and informative day! Looking forward to putting these learnings and practices to use to drive business!”

Account Manager, Us Weekly

“With a background in traditional, I found the digital training to be very helpful. Relating the different planning techniques to the purchase funnel was also helpful and actionable in day-to-day selling.”

Franchise Sales Manager, Us Weekly

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“We engaged the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA to lead a full day, company-wide advertising sales training event, and it was truly transformational for our organization. I have attended scores of training events over 35 years in the business, but rarely have I come away with so many actionable tactics and strategies to address the digital B2B marketplace. The day was a resounding success, meeting and exceeding expectations of the sales and management team. This training day is the single best investment I could make to equip our sales team to improve performance this year and beyond.”

Marianne Russell, Chief Operating Officer, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

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“Thank you for this timely and thorough follow-up. I was really impressed with your program and your confident style yesterday (having seen many, many trainers over the years!) and I believe you will do a great job with our team.”

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“PennWell’s Technology Group is experiencing tremendous growth in digital media solutions, driving the need for additional education about them. In order to support the growing needs of our advertisers, it is imperative that our sales team is current with the latest capabilities and metrics available within digital media. This will help successfully transition them from print-centric thinking to completely understanding our digital media products and the accountability that is associated with them.

In order to support this growth, we partnered with the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA to create a customized curriculum that would be appropriate for our reps’ skill levels. The all-day session went better than expected. The instructor connected with the audience by researching our unique business challenges and giving relevant examples from our own business websites. She was able to keep all attendees engaged during the entire session – and we all know how difficult that is!

According to the participants’ evaluations, the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA ranked very high in providing in-depth knowledge to help them be more consultative to their customers. Immediately following our private session, we heard from several reps who were already changing the way they were interacting with their customers.

This was a tremendously successful experience for all those involved and we’ve shared this across the company in hopes of bringing the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA in to benefit other PennWell divisions. In fact, we have seen our digital media revenue grow 31% in the past few months; which far exceeds the industry average.”

Christine Shaw, Senior Vice President, Technology Group

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“This is a vital course for all digital buyers and sellers. Learn how to be relevant in a fast changing landscape. A great course for new comers and veterans.”

Account Manager - Digital, Source Interlink

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“I was fortunate enough to take an advanced digital training course from the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA, and I’m so glad that I did. It prepared me for my current position at the Los Angeles Times Media Group. I’m working on integrated programs which include both traditional and non-traditional media. My clients are asking my opinion and expertise on the best and most effective ways to utilize print with digital, mobile, etc. The ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA’s hands on training covered what media types and platforms work best for different client objectives and how to respond to brand, direct response and brand-response campaign goals as well as their metrics and measurement criteria.

I highly recommend the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA … if you’re ready to get ahead in the digital world. It’s here, and it’s not going away! ”

National Sales Director, Los Angeles Times Media Group

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“I took the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA’s Social Media course recently in NY and I will tell you it was a career-enlightening moment. The instructor was outstanding. It was like the perfect screenplay. Each line and/or action draws you into the story so quickly that you almost immediately experience a “Suspension of disbelief”. The difference here though is that I experienced a “Suspension of belief”. The belief that I thought I knew almost everything I needed to know about social media, before I walked into the room.

When is the last time you did not step out of a conference room or event to take a phone call or catch your breath? When the instructor announced we should take a 10 minute break, everyone around the room was almost like, "Oh, really? Why?” That is no joke.

By the end of the session, my mind was spinning. I was simply lost for words. But the spin was not out of confusion. It was due to a diamond-piercing clarity that hit me right between the eyes. I had many “aha” moments and I wanted to savor it personally because it happens all too infrequently as most insights we enjoy come about more gradually.

Attending this course caused a paradigm change in how I view social media, and now, the media business overall. Did I know a lot about social media going in? Yeah. But for me, what I walked away with was that all-too-rare sense of buoyancy, the feeling of being nimble, a Butch Cassidy quality that makes you smile and excited about what awaits you. You can’t put a price tag on that…for those who boast that they have the same level of confidence and insight into the future are kidding themselves. Or at least that’s what I thought before the training. Finally, I think I’m smart. However, now I am educated. The content was informative. That was the science of the equation. The art was in how it was structured and presented. So that even a smart guy like me could understand it. The passion, the love and the care that is put into this and everything your fine company does is there for everyone to see. Thank you for allowing me to experience it! I am engaged at last to the future. ”

Tim McHale, Managing Partner/Editor, Madison Avenue Consultants & The Madison Avenue Journal

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“Publishing Group of America’s three mass reach print titles - Relish (15.5 million monthly circ), Spry (8.5 million monthly circ) and American Profile (10 million weekly circ) want to make their mark in the digital space and are preparing to not only rebrand their own websites and drive substantial traffic to them but now also offer advertisers access to an ever growing, critical mass of ad impressions on our local newspaper partner websites.

To that end, we brought in the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA to do basic digital sales training for a staff that had been very print focused. They did an amazing job educating a large group of people who had little—if any—digital background. Not only did they present the information in an easy to understand way, they had everyone truly involved in the training process. Their instructors are all A+ teachers with deep digital backgrounds who presents a substantial amount of information vs. other training options (and they make it fun!).”

Publishing Group of America

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“I just wanted to drop a note and say how much I enjoyed the courses last week, Intelligent Selling of Internet Advertising Level I and II. It was really a career invigorating event. I am very happy with the investment and impressed by the course.

Right after the training, I was given a “test” to prove my digital knowledge in front of a senior media decision maker. I met a brand manager at a major automotive OEM and I actually had the skills and knowledge to talk intelligibly about his business; how he measures, his frequency capping thoughts, branding vs. click, optimization, demo index targeting, and general campaign thoughts among other things. I was also confident enough to do so casually, not like quizzing from a textbook. I was really proud of myself, thought you might be too since I’m a digital immigrant (new to this online advertising world) and my Internet skill set was pretty much totally created in two days by attending the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA training last week. The brand manager even complimented me in a follow up e-mail.

Thank you for a very productive two days.”

Station Manager, CBS Radio

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“I have taken many online advertising classes and training programs. However, I must say that the online advertising seminar through the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA is hands down the best I’ve ever been to. The material is presented in a way that even the most novice Sales Rep could understand. The seminar was engaging, fun, a real eye opener. I truly believe that the staff at The Sun, in Yuma AZ, have increased their online sales directly due to this program.”

Matt Planer, Internet Sales Consultant, Yumasun.com

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“I just completed Intelligent Selling of Internet Advertising Level I and II…I enjoyed the classes and left with a lot of good information, new motivation and fresh ideas. I already got to put it to good use on my first day back in the office and it resulted in closing a deal with a company that I had been working with for a long time but had not been able to get anywhere with them. I applied some of the things I learned in the class that gave me the confidence to approach them again.

One of the most valuable lessons I took away was to change my perspective on how I approached them. I did a little more research than what I would normally do and I approached them more in the way of a consultant as opposed to trying to make a sale.”

Sales Manager, PennWell Corporation

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“While there are many deliverables you’ll receive from the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA’s training, Intelligent Selling of the Internet, there is one that stands out above all else. Simply put, they know how to walk in your buyer’s shoes. When you leave the seminar, you’ll not only have great materials, actionable takeaways and a better understanding of internet sales, you’ll also understand internet sales from the buyer’s (your customer’s) point of view. This, to me, provided the invaluable “third dimension” in the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA’s workshop.”

Melanie Wood, Director of Corporate Sales and Management Training, Advanstar Communications

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“I just wanted to say thanks again for the great training course yesterday! It was very beneficial to me, and I enjoyed it a lot.”

Patrick Murphy, Wall Street Journal

Newspaper publisher logo

“(The ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA) presented a concise quantitative way of selling in a very logical way. (The ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA’s) ideas on ads and placements will help us produce ad campaigns that work. The course provided me with valuable skills and information.” ”

Account Executive, Newspaper

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“I had a client today who told me that if they did not get significant click-throughs on their online ad, they would be pulling it. I was able to use the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA’s training to educate the client about the value of their ad as branding, image and top of mind awareness, and how their online ads tie in with their print campaigns.”

Lisa Miller, Account Executive, Freedom Communications

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“The Intelligent Selling course was very beneficial, and I definitely took a lot from it…Our instructor was fantastic, and their expertise on this subject was beyond measure, I just wanted more of it! I sincerely look forward to attending the seminar again, this time with another colleague.”

Andrew Dobbs, Account Manager, Fox Associates, Inc.

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“We experienced a nice bump in sales the first week back from training. It’s exciting to see the staff pumped about the new intelligent ways of selling the Internet.”

Account Executive, Freedom Communications

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“The ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA’s expertise with respect to internet advertising is second to no other I’ve seen. They provided valuable insight into internet behavior, both consumer usage and corporate applications.”

Jeff Vaughan, Regional Account Executive,AutoTrader.com

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“The ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA instructors are dynamic and extremely well prepared presenters. I look to them as respected experts in the field. It is without hesitation that I recommend the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA. They gave one of the best training programs we’ve had around here in quite some time and really connected with us on the real-life examples.”

Derek Villanueva, Senior Account Executive, OPUBCO Communications Group

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“…sold our client a large impression schedule this month…I thought this was cool because they do not have a website, so I sold them a landing as well for additional revenue! All this from a dyed-in-the-wool 34-year veteran of ink on paper advertising!”

Account Executive, Freedom Communications

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“I totally enjoyed the presentation, after 36+ years of sales & marketing on the magazine side the one day course has better prepared me to make integrated presentations that further positions the BH&GSIM group as a complete package. The materials are part of my commuting reading and being able to walk the talk…I’d recommend that all our colleagues in sales & marketing take the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA class.”

Patrick R. Tomlinson, Sr., Account Executive, Better Homes & Gardens

AutoTrader.com logo

“After years of Sales 101 repackaged by trainers and presented as new material, I find the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA training the most valuable I have had in over a decade. Thank you for your passion and insight.”

Wen Thessen, AutoTrader.com

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“Customers want to know this information. The last two weeks on the street with my sales reps have been a huge eye opener. This knowledge has made all the difference. Instead of the client ‘blowing off the topic’ of the Internet we get into a very meaningful discussion on how to use this product and get tangible results…in the past we would not have known what to do for our next step in regards to the Internet.”

Todd Brown, Account Executive, Freedom Communications

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“The Intelligent Selling of Internet Advertising course by far over exceeded my expectations. I figured I’d learn a few things and add some online media buzzwords to my vocabulary. The course itself was an intense 2 days of interactive learning with very knowledgeable the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA instructors with real world online experience. They used actual examples from 20+ years of experience which really added color and relevant insight to the material. The class was well worth the time and money invested. I highly recommend it for all of those interested in buying or selling digital media for a living”

Regional Vice President, Radio Station

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“Thanks so much for a great training session! It was wonderful to hear the testimonials that accompanied the information. The perspective it added made it easier to imagine the application.”

Missy Bane, Interactive Specialist, The Tribune

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“I participated in the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA training last month, and use the knowledge I gained daily.”

Trisha Sullivan, Classified Advertising Manager, Freedom Communications


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“Women’s Marketing recently engaged Leslie Laredo from the Academy of Digital Media to build and conduct a custom, multi-day training program for our staff, and were very pleased with the results. The program was exciting and useful: the team began integrating the training into their work immediately, helping to bring new insights to our clients.

Leslie was extremely helpful working with us to not only meet the needs of the different departmental teams who attended, but also in addressing the various job titles of junior staff, who were part of the training.

Leslie was interesting, informative and insightful. Her background, knowledge and teaching expertise were clear from the start.”

Helene Connelly, V.P. Media
Women’s Marketing

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“Your training was among the best I’ve experienced in a more than 25 year (wow – I'm that old) career. I have already started using what I learned and consequently, I’m working a lot smarter! It was an absolute pleasure attending your training.”


Jewell Media Services logo

“When I took your training in Chicago back in 2007 for the “Planning & Buying of Internet Media – Level 1” and “Planning & Buying of Internet Media – Level II”, the market of advertising had dropped off the face of the earth here in Michigan due to the economic down turn. Agencies were laying off entire media departments, businesses were closing, the automotive industry was tanking and then 2009 hit. Wow. So, while other agency planners and buyers were losing jobs and retiring early, I was out studying with the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA!!

Since then I’ve booked millions of dollars and have been able to hang on to a very important key account, one I’ve personally handled for the past 15 years and they have since signed with me for another 3 years! I owe a huge portion of that success to what I’ve learned with the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA.

I recently landed a leading energy company for a digital B2B campaign and a local sports network for a specialized digital ad campaign. Our success has made it possible to add more clients and new clients are calling each day.”

Jewell Hall, Jewell Media Services, Detroit, MI

Leap Frog Interactive logo

“After attending the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA’s seminars, I understand why they’ve been successful for so many years. The instructor team at the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA provided excellent insights into the shifts between traditional and digital medias. Both experienced advertisers and individuals who seek to begin their learning can benefit from these sessions.

The most valuable part of the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA sessions for me was getting confirmation that my techniques and strategic mindsets were in line with other thriving media agencies and professionals. Even with my considerable knowledge of terminology and tech models, the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA’s staff members were able to fill in the gaps and simplify convoluted concepts.

Each session leader made participation feel welcomed and comfortable. Couple that with their passion and extensive resumes, the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA created a truly wonderful learning environment.

In an ever-changing economy, where the Internet is King, the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA presents many tools that sales representatives, media planners and advertisers will benefit from! ”

Emily Carroll, Strategic Planning + Consumer Insights, LeapFrog Interactive

Aggregate Knowledge logo

“I recently attended Intelligent Planning and Buying of Media, Levels I & II, and found the classes extremely helpful. [The ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA] delivered the information based on relevant and real world examples from their personal experiences, which ensured the classes were not only interesting but interactive and fun. Though I have more than 10 years of internet and ecommerce experience, the education helped give me more confidence in my ability to sell online advertising and interact with agencies which are a new sales channel for me. In addition, there were many new topics introduced to me which broadened my perspective and ensured I have the right foundation to continue my growth and success in this space.”

Director Business Development, Aggregate Knowledge

Butler Till logo

“Investing in the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA’s online media planning/buying 2-day training classes elevated the knowledge of the internet media space to not only our top managers, but to the online media teams, as well. Staying ahead of the curve is a requirement to our business success – the investment was well worth it.”

Tracy Till, Partner, Butler/Till

BankAtlantic logo

“The money I spent on your seminar for Buying and Planning Internet Media has paid off already! I have been dealing with two major online news publications and after your seminar I handled these rate and position negotiations as if I were an old pro. I wish I had taken your class years ago. I have referred other friends to take advantage of the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA’s great seminars.”


Initiative logo

“Initiative has turned to the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA as part of our solution to improve our digital media knowledge and capabilities throughout the organization. They provide vital digital training and market knowledge to our media planners and buyers.”



Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc. logo

“I wanted to thank you once again for facilitating such wonderful two days of digital media and marketing training, filled with “enlightenment” on my end. The information you provided was especially great because it was forward-looking and helped me to finally understand the complexities of the adtech and martech ecosystems. The frameworks you shared with us were simple, yet comprehensive, I learned a lot and look forward to participating in future training programs by the Academy of Digital Media.”

Ece Kucukcetin, Marketing Manager, Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc.

“I can’t even begin to express how fortunate I am to have found Laredo Group and the Academy of Digital Media. After years of Business Development in digital media, focused mostly in the transactional content sector, I was recruited for a BD job with an ad-supported online media company. I desperately needed a refresher course on the fundamentals of interactive advertising. A google search brought me to the Academy of Digital Media. After speaking with Leslie, I purchased their webinars and spent 3 days studying them. I have to say that it was the best continuing education course I’ve ever taken. It covered a breadth of topics in sufficient depth and did so in a totally accessible way. It totally sharpened my blade and I got the job. I credit Leslie and the Academy of Digital Media for giving me the confidence to nail my interviews.”

Brad, Los Angeles

Hallmark Publishing logo

“ Thank you for two terrific days of learning and reinforcement. Your insight, experience and terrific presentation skills come together beautifully in teaching and guiding those of us aspiring to continually learn about media – old and new! Thank you!”

Nancy O. Small, President, Hallmark Publishing

Variety.com logo

“Variety wanted to make sure that our sales execs were maximizing the online revenue potential from every advertiser. We worked with the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA to develop a training curriculum that met the specific needs of our reps and our industry dynamics. After spending a training day with the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA our team was excited and motivated to go out and pitch online advertising and integrated deals. They emerged from the training not only more knowledgeable about the world of online, but had a clear understanding of the value proposition our site’s ad programs offer and how to discuss and engage our clients in the opportunities. Our team is now completely prepared to sell and to overcome objections!”

Dea Lawrence, Director of Marketing, Variety.com

Course attendee

“I attended The Intelligent Selling of Internet Advertising today and am so blown away by your vast knowledge of the industry from both an inside and outside perspective. You are clearly a leader in the field and a master in sharing your knowledge. One of the challenges for me as a sales rep is to keep pace with the many industry terms and media math. The many examples covered in your presentation helped bring these concepts to life. I especially appreciate the time you took in putting together the Glossary and Resources section - they are invaluable. Thank you for 8 hours of non-stop learning. It’s past midnight and I’m still reading the course material! ”

May Li, Intelligent Selling of Internet Advertising public seminar course attendee

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“I want to let you know how very impressed I was with the 2 days of training that I had with the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA. As an individual paying for such training from my own pocket, I’m keenly aware of getting value for the investment. The ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA over delivered on my expectations. Covering all aspects of Interactive from ad creation and optimization, strategy, understanding the buying process, metrics and countless other topics, there is a certain “drinking from a fire hose” effect. But that is exactly what I was looking for. Well done. Please keep me apprised of future course offerings. Doubtless I’ll be among your students yet again!”

Steve Denton, Radio One

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“Media and marketing are changing at an accelerating pace. [The ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA] courses should be required for all levels in an organization serious about keeping pace with the world of online media and marketing. I encourage anyone considering the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA to make the right decision and get educated. Knowledge is power.”

Vice President, Media Resource Group

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“Content was extremely relevant and covered everything.”



“The ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA did a phenomenal job training our team and the result is our reps’ skills and confidence have greatly improved. Your knowledge along with your presentation skills created a wonderful learning environment. We do hope to have an opportunity to have the ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA back again to continue the learning.”

Training Manager, Propel Marketing

“Thank you so much for your time with us in Texas. The training and information you delivered was eye-opening, educational, totally different than anything I assumed, thought, or have ever been taught. You just added a sledge hammer to my arsenal of tools to help businesses with their campaigns.”

Account Executive, TV Station

“When I worked at WAXN, Cox Media, I was fortunate to take part in your training sessions. The information learned then has been invaluable! ”

Kat Savage

“It was an amazing learning experience, and I left with more confidence in the digital world. It was extremely refreshing to learn from someone who clearly knows this industry inside and out!”

Media Buyer

“I’m back in Boston and wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for the three day class this week. You saved me from about a year of wandering around clueless.”


“Thank you for three days of outstanding training and insights about the digital ad sales and social media space. The sessions were jam packed with solid, actionable information and somehow, despite the tremendous amount of information downloaded to attendees, you made each day a tremendous interactive learning experience. Having done my share of group presentations, I recognize a job well done. Thanks.”

Sales Rep

“This course is in a league of it’s own compared to any training course I’ve taken. The material is extremely current/up-to-date. The instructor is articulate and knowledgeable. I feel like my value as an employee is significantly increased.”

Account Executive, GSN

“Very detailed, very of the moment terminology and trends are incorporated.”

Account Manager

“This course was well laid out…provides a great base for a career in digital advertising.”

Account Executive, Bloomberg LP

“Material was concise and flowed well.”

Account Manager, People en Espanol

“This is a great intro course and covers a great deal of material. Very relevant information.”

Senior Portfolio Manager, ARC Corp.

“Wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise. Provides great resources.”

Sales Associate, Bizo

“I would recommend attending a training session regardless of experience level. Helps you to think of some things differently.”

Account Executive, Bizo

“Instructor knew every subject linking history with the future trends.”

Sales Manager, Bizo

“Must do for new sales rep in digital industry. Very comprehensive.”

Regional Vice President, DG

“Leslie was a joy to sit in with – she’s very knowledgeable about the industry and her expertise really shines through the training courses. The content is thorough and relevant to both the past and today’s advertising landscape. I would recommend to anyone looking to expand their knowledge and fine-tune their selling skills.”

Senior Account Executive, Bizo

“I had more than a few ‘aha’ moments. Things I want to implement right away.”

Senior Account Executive, Reuters.com

“Instructor had relevant examples and was able to think fast on her feet to tailor presentation to audience and properly respond to questions.”

Group Director, Ogilvy Mather Direct

“Provided great knowledge into an ever evolving industry and provided me great insight and strategies agencies are using to navigate and conquer this frontier.”

Training Manager, Strata

“Good overview of the industry. Provides base information, detail and concepts to understand the complex.”

Agency Sales Manager, Adtegrity

“VERY beneficial for someone new to the digital side of business. Summed up 6 weeks worth of class I previously took, in 2 days. Amazing!”

Associate Account Executive, Digital Generation

“Fantastic course for new sellers. Not just sales tactics – you gather a comprehensive understanding of the ecosystem which will enable you to speak more effectively to your clients.”

Sales Manager, Rovi

“This is a great course for absolute beginners as well as those just needing a refresher on the state of the industry.”

Sales Manager, Cruise Critic

“Really enjoyed the training. Leslie is extraordinarily knowledgeable and a terrific presenter.”

Vice President, Evolution Road

“In today’s digital landscape it may be impossible to “know it all”. But buyers and sellers of media need to know everything covered in today’s session.”

Account Executive, Bizo

“So much great, relevant information. Valuable to all levels of experience in the space.”

President, Belardi/Ostroy