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Public Training Seminars Terms & Conditions
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Public Training Seminars Terms & Conditions

Final Confirmation of Course Schedules, Special Advisory
Due to the need for minimum numbers of students in each course, and the occasional need to cancel courses due to low enrollment as a result of the current worldwide economic downturn: To avoid possible airline or hotel related change or cancellation fees...please DO NOT BOOK YOUR TRAVEL until 21 or less days prior to the course date(s). Academy of Digital Media will always do everything reasonably possible to not have to cancel a course, but it does happen on rare occasion.

In the event that a course is canceled, you will be notified 22 or more days prior to the course date and you will be offered either the transfer of your registration to another course or subsequent seminar session, or a full refund of any amounts paid. If only one of multiple courses that you registered for is canceled, you will have the option of a partial refund while attending the other course(s) or a full refund to not attend any. If you are not notified of a course cancellation by 21 days prior to the course date, then you may rest assured that the course will go ahead as planned and can then confidently book your travel.

Confirmation/Payment Policy
Your payment receipt is the confirmation of your seat(s) for the seminar(s). Until payment in full is received by the Academy of Digital Media, you are not confirmed. If payment in full is not made by credit card when registering, you may return to your Account to pay, or send a check as per the instructions, as long as payment is received by the Academy of Digital Media within 5 business days of registration. Registrations made without payment being received within 5 business days will be canceled, with no notice required.

Note: Published class size numbers are general guidelines and actual class sizes can be larger or smaller at the option of the Academy of Digital Media based on various factors. Any registration using a Referral Code is subject to review and cancellation for ineligible or expired use, in which case registrant will be notified and can either pay any additional amount due or a full refund of any amounts paid for canceled registrations will be offered. All Referral Code discounts are applicable only once per student in any seminar series.

Cancellation Policy
If the attendee cancels their registration more than 10 days before the date of the seminar, the amount paid for the canceled registration will be refunded less a $95 administrative fee per student. No registrations canceled within 10 days of the seminar date will be refunded however, re-booking for a future seminar will be allowed for a fee of $180 per seminar day paid.

In the unlikely event that the Academy of Digital Media cancels any seminar(s), a full refund or an opportunity to attend an equivalent future seminar(s), at the option of the attendee, will be provided. However, the Academy of Digital Media shall not be responsible for, or offer any monetary compensation for, any expenses incurred by the registrant or attendee (including, but not limited to, non-refundable airline tickets or change fees) due to such a cancellation.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy
No video or audio recording or transmission of the seminar is allowed. Each manual or handout provided is for the exclusive use of the individual student attending, and no portion of any Academy of Digital Media manual or handout may be scanned, copied, plagiarized, reproduced or in any other way distributed or made available for use by anyone other than the individual student in attendance at the seminar(s).

Program, Pricing and other Changes
Prices, dates, locations, course content and other specifications are subject to change without notice. However, the Academy of Digital Media will make every reasonable effort to contact seminar registrants directly with any changes and, when appropriate, post changes on this website, as soon as possible.

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Webinar Access, Terms & Conditions
(Contact us here with any questions)

In addition to the above and any and all rights and protections provided to the Academy of Digital Media by United States and International Copyright, Intellectual Property and other laws:

You May...

You May NOT...

Academy of Digital Media Webinars are streaming video and require a high-bandwidth, solid Internet connection.
  • Whenever possible, use a wired connection.
  • If using WiFi, please be as close to the WiFi device as possible, and definitely not more than 25 feet away.
  • Close ALL other browser pages, browser windows and applications (Outlook/e-mail, etc.) while viewing the webinars, especially those with persistent Internet connections.
  • Do not attempt to access webinars through a VPN connection.
  • Do not attempt to access webinars from heavily shared WiFi systems, such as at Starbucks, airports or other busy public venues.
  • The webinars WILL NOT WORK on airplanes, because GoGo blocks access to streaming video once it detects it, and for the reasons in the previous WiFi warning.
  • Make sure your Java and Flash versions are up-to-date.
  • Disable Pop-Up blockers.
  • If you have any problems accessing the webinars, please first check with your IT department to ensure the above, and confirm that streaming video is allowed to get through on your network.
If, after confirming that all of the above is in order, you are still having any connection or other problems, contact Elaine Nasta at Academy of Digital Media via e-mail or by calling 954-990-1650 for assistance. In order to help you, we will need to know the following:
  • What type/make/model device are you using (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, etc.).
  • Operating System of device.
  • Type of connection (wired, wireless).
  • Location (home, office, etc.).
  • Connection device (cable modem, cell modem, DSL, T-1, etc.).
  • Speed of your connection (you can test your connection speed by going to www.speedtest.net - please send us the Ping, Upload, and Download results).
  • Browser type and revision number you are using.
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