Using Data to Empower Sales Outline

The Data Landscape

  • Data vendors overview
  • Data sources overview
  • Ad Serving Enabling Data collection
  • Tools for Collecting Data
  • Data Overload
  • 1st Party Data
  • 2nd Party Data
  • 3rd Party Data
  • Finding Data
  • Contextual Data
  • Mobile Data
  • Location Data and Geo–Targeting

Applications of Different Data Types

  • How Data is used to Target Audiences
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Creating Audience Segments
  • The Trade Offs between Reach and Fine-Tuned Targeting
  • Aligning Advertisers Targets with Publishers Data
  • Exercise: What Data Adds Value to The Sales Package

Device Graphs and Cross-Device Identity

  • What You Need to Know
  • Mobile Tracking: Cookies vs. Device IDs
  • Device Graphs
  • Deterministic vs. Probabilistic Methods
  • People–Based Targeting and Data On–Boarding
  • Attribution Modeling and Data–Driven Decision–Making
  • Exercise: Questions for Understanding How Identity Data is Used

Data Management Platforms in Today’s Transaction Environments

  • DMPs in an Automated World
  • Programmatic Ecosystem Summary
  • Buyers and Sellers Using DMPs
  • What Happens in a DMP
  • How DMPs Enhance the Programmatic Ecosystem

Preparing for the Sales Call

  • Questions to Ask Buyers
  • What Sellers Need to Know
  • Preparing for the Sales Call
  • Get to Know the “Data People”
  • Job Descriptions of Your Buyers
  • Exercise: Preparing the Next Sales Call

Transparency and Data Quality

  • The Industry’s Call to Action
  • Viewability
  • Ad Impression Fraud
  • Ad Verification
  • Exercise: Meeting Buyer Expectations for Transparency and Data Quality

Review and Wrap-Up

  • Key Take-Aways