Essentials of Digital Advertising - Level I


  • A Brief History of Digital Advertising
  • How Ad Technology Changed Advertising

Digital Advertising Ecosystem

  • Overview of Key Components in the Ecosystem
    • Web Sites, Ad Networks, Mobile Sites and Apps
    • Social Networks, Native Ads, Content Marketing
    • Video, Search (SEO, SEM), Email Marketing
    • Programmatic Media, Inventory Aggregators/Ad Networks
  • Walled Gardens
  • Paid-Owned-Earned Media

Complexities in Digital Marketing

  • The Customer’s Journey
  • Complexity in Digital Marketing
  • Evolution Digital Creative
  • The Omni-Channel View of Media Platforms
  • Connected, Cross-Screen Consumers
  • Digital Advertising Value Chain
  • Automated Media Buying and Selling

Mapping Digital Platforms to the Journey to Purchase

  • The Decision Purchase Funnel and Mapping the Journey to Purchase
  • Fit the Media Platform to the Purchase Funnel
  • Campaign Objectives and Measurement
  • Location and Proximity

Considerations for Digital Media Campaigns

  • The Currency of Digital Media
  • Frequency, Conquesting
  • Targeting, Re-Targeting
  • Audience Extension
  • Optimization and Analytics
  • Digital Privacy and Regulations (AdChoices)
  • Ad Fraud and Ad Blocking
  • Ad Verification

Website and Audience Metrics

  • Page Views, Visits or Sessions, Unique Visitors
  • Cookies Defined, Cookie Types, Issues Counting and Tracking
  • Audience Counting Guidelines
  • Mobile Audience Metrics
  • Cross-Device Audience Measurement
  • Probabilistic vs. Deterministic Methodologies
  • Audience Research and Measuring Ad Effectiveness

Trends and Forecasts

  • Key Industry Trends, Digital Ad Revenue Growth
  • Forecast of Advertising Revenues, by Format, Device
  • Time Spent with Major Media

Wrap-Up and Resources

  • A Look into the Future
  • Academy of Digital Media Resources