Principles of Programmatic Media Outline


  • Changing Roles in Media Sales
  • Translating New Knowledge and Skills

Historical Perspectives

  • How Technology and Automation Has Changed Media Buying and Selling
  • Why Brands and Agencies are Migrating to Programmatic Buying
  • The New Definitions for Advertising
  • Understanding the Impact of Real-Time and Multi-Device Media Consumption
  • Group Discussion: How Does Shifts to Programmatic Media Impact Your Role

Defining the Programmatic Ecosystem

  • Defining and Exploring the Components of the Programmatic Ecosystem
  • Understanding the Reasons for Private and Open Exchanges
  • Dissecting the Ad Serving Process
  • Revealing the Flow of the Programmatic Ad Impression
  • What Drives Re-Targeting and Audience Extension Programs

Programmatic Inventory

  • Defining Ad Inventory Values and Attributes
  • Segmenting Inventory into Guaranteed vs. Non-Guaranteed Categories
  • Display vs. Mobile vs. Video Inventory
  • Inventory Applied to Campaign Objectives
  • The “Waterfall” Effect: Upstream Quality vs. Downstream Quantity
  • How Programmatic Inventory is Priced
  • Group Discussion: Creating Demand for Inventory, Responding to an RFP

How Audience Data is Collected and Managed

  • Data Types, Collection and Sources
  • Audience Attributes and Behavior
  • Data Taxonomy and Categories
  • Defining Audience Segments with Data
  • Tools for Collecting Data
  • Data Collection Limitations
  • The Roles DMPs and Data Suppliers
  • Apply Your Knowledge: Create a List of Data-Related Questions

Real-Time Bidding (RTB)

  • Shift From Buying Media Content to Bidding on Audiences
  • RTB Digital Ad Spend Forecasts
  • How Auctions Work
  • RTB and Second Price Auctions
  • Floor Pricing & Bidding Strategies
  • Inventory Segments in the Auction
  • Group Discussion: Bidding and Pricing Decisions

Understanding Programmatic Approaches

  • Applying Programmatic Media to Client Objectives
  • Programmatic Campaign Optimization
  • Review of Metrics and Measurement
  • Group Activity: Changing the Conversation

What’s Next

  • Future of Programmatic
  • Fraud, Privacy Concerns and Challenges
  • Changes in the Relationships, Marketers Bringing Programmatic In-House

Wrap-Up and Resources

  • How to Stay Informed
  • Resources