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Fundamentals of Digital Media Webinar

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Fundamentals of Digital Media
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If you are new to digital advertising, need to improve your industry awareness, or gain practical knowledge and skills, this course will help you achieve the comprehensive knowledge base you need across all fundamental aspects of the digital media industry.

It provides a solid foundation to build a successful digital media career…from understanding the complexities of the ad ecosystem and its impact on the journey to purchase, to dissecting how ad technology and data supports media transactions, how advertisers use research and metrics to measure response to their messaging across devices and platforms usage, to so much more. All major considerations for digital media buying and selling are detailed…from pricing and optimization, to addressing campaign objectives and reviewing ad compliance and regulatory guidelines…including highlights of critical aspects regarding ad fraud and ad blocking, and two of the most important aspects of data driven media: audience extension and ad verification. The course provides the latest in trends and forecasts, as well as an overview of the industry’s future and challenges. In addition, all course subjects are required knowledge for anyone taking the IAB Digital Media Sales Certification Exam. 

Webinar Course Outline
Module 1:
Introduction and Course Preview
How to Get the Most Out of Your Training
IAB Digital Media Sales Certification
The Training Journey
The Customer’s Journey
What Happens in an Online Minute
Complexity in Digital Marketing
Metaphor for Success in Digital Media 
Course Preview for Modules 2 to 8
Module 2:
History of Digital Advertising
History of Modern Advertising
The Rise Digital Advertising
Evolution Digital Creative
Ad Standards and Banner Tribulations
The Omni-Channel View of Media Platforms
Connected, Cross-Screen Consumers
Time Spent with Devices, with Video 
Video Sharing
Number of Connected Devices
Future of Advertising
Module 3:
Advertising Media Value Chain and How Digital Changes Advertising
Media Value Chain
Publisher Organization and Functions
Agency Organization
Digital vs. Traditional
How Advertising Works
How Digital Changes Advertising
Purchase Funnel or Marketing “Filter”
Buying/Selling Process
The RFP – Request for Proposal
Automated Media Buying and Selling
Module 4:
Digital Advertising Ecosystem and The Journey to Purchase
Digital Advertising Ecosystem
Key Components Within the Digital Ecosystem
o Web Sites, Ad Networks, Mobile Sits and Apps
o Social Networks, Native Ads, Content Marketing
o Video, Search (SEO, SEM), Email Marketing
o Programmatic Media
Digital Platforms
Benefits of Digital Platforms
Traditional Marketing Models
Fit the Media Platform to the Purchase Funnel
Campaign Goals and Measurement
The Customer Journey to Purchase
Mapping the Journey to Purchase
Module 5:
Website and Audience Metrics and Media Research
Website and Audience Metrics 
o Page Views, Visits or Sessions, Unique Visitors
o Mobile Audience Metrics, Cross-Device Audience Measurement
o Audience Counting Guidelines
o Cookies and Considerations for Their Use in Counting Audiences
o Industry Initiatives for Collecting Audience Data
o Audience Composition and Segmentation
o Cookies Defined, Cookie Types, Issues Counting UV, Cookies and Tracking
o Audience Composition, Audience Segmentation
Media Research
o Research Types 
o Collection and Analysis
o Primary and Secondary Research
o Measuring Ad Effectiveness
o Media Research Companies
Module 6:
Considerations for Digital Media Buying and Selling
Buying and Selling Opportunities
The Ad Impression or Digital Media’s Currency
Ad Impression Pricing and Campaign Considerations
Optimization and Analytics
Ad Metrics and Metrics by Platform
Paid – Owned – Earned Media
The Media Buying and Selling Reality Check
Campaign Objectives: Branding vs. Direct Response
Advertisers’ Challenges and Opportunities 
Compliance Standards (Pharma, Alcohol, Children), Digital Privacy and Regulations
Ad Fraud and Ad Blocking 
Audience Extension
Ad Verification
Module 7:
Trends and Forecasts
Key Industry Trends
Quarterly Digital Ad Revenue Growth
Digital Ad Format Trends
Forecast of US Advertising Revenues, by Format, Device
Time Spent with Major Media
US Programmatic Ad Spend
Social Media and Marketing Penetration
Module 8:
Wrap-Up and Resources
A Look Into the Future
Course Wrap-Up
Staying Informed
Academy of Digital Media Resources

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