Mastering 21st Century Media Sales Skills

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Mastering 21st Century Media Sales Skills


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The digital advertising marketplace has never been more challenging for media and ad tech sales reps. A constantly morphing ecosystem, and new and evolving products and companies, are challenging the status quo and changing client demands and expectations. Sellers need to adapt!

Marketers and agencies are transforming their media operations and implementing new strategies to find target audiences across digital and OTT platforms. Sellers need to ask questions to understand how these changes impact buy decisions.

This complex environment makes it difficult for status quo and embedded solutions to maintain their place on a client’s roster, and creates opportunities for new products to replace existing and vetted solutions. Sellers need more preparation and insights to fight off competitors or displace existing vendors.

It is in this dynamic environment, with a dizzying array of choices for brands and media buyers, that sellers now live.  They have to be knowledgeable and prepared, with honed skills, in order to standout and be taken seriously in a highly fragmented media and tech world. Their new job is to develop account strategies that identify, dissect and solve problems.

Sellers need to be prepared to ask questions that motivate prospects and prevent objections.  The best sellers craft solutions that inspire their clients. They build business value and excel in their ability to deliver, communicate and present solutions, not just products and programs, to their clients.

This Academy of Digital Media sales training course will identify, and perfect through demonstration and practice, the skills, competencies and proficiencies necessary to sharpen and prepare your sales teams for today’s new and demanding sales environment. 

Course Goals:

The course will:

  • Teach sellers how to standout and successfully compete in the hypercompetitive marketplace for media dollars and ad tech solutions
  • Guide and transform sellers from a transactional to a consultative selling process, using new approaches that both challenge assumptions and the status quo, as well as deliver insights to further differentiate themselves and their offerings
  • Give individuals an opportunity to dissect and hone critical sales skills
Learning Outcomes:
Sellers who take this course will be able to:
  • Identify and focus on the skills required to compete effectively for media dollars and win accounts for technology-based vendor solutions
  • Utilize and apply techniques for understanding what drives client needs 
  • Expand their questioning skills to a whole new level; skills that diagnose and understand implications, as well as illuminate options    
  • Analyze the source and type of objections, utilize a process to manage their response, and create scenarios to pro-actively preempt objections. 



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