ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA Custom, In-House Private Training

Academy of Digital Media Private Training
Private Standard and Customizable Training (In-Person, Online…or Both)
The Academy of Digital Media provides a wide range of available Private Training programs. In addition to our standard courses, they can also be customized for your company, people, markets, region(s), products and more…in-house at your offices or at any location of your choosing…nationwide or worldwide! We can also build new courses on virtually any subject for your company needs. Our standard Private Training programs include:
  • Pursuit of Sales Excellence for Media, AdTech, or Martech
  • Mastering Account Management and Client Success Skills
  • Understanding and Using Data to Empower Sales
  • Direct Selling of Programmatic Inventory
  • Moving Beyond the Banner
    • Strategies and Tactics for Selling Audiences
  • Digital Media Strategy, Planning & Buying
  • Native, Data & Measurement for B2B Media
  • Fundamentals of Digital Media
  • Essentials of Digital Media
  • Understanding and Using Media Math
  • Principles of Programmatic Media
  • Digital Ad Selling
  • IAB Certification Exam Preparation
  • Integrated Ad Selling
    • with TV, Radio, Print, Events
  • Basic to Advanced Sales Skills
  • Consultative Selling
  • Objection Handling
  • The Digital Ecosystem – A Management Overview
  • New and fully customized topics
    • Ad product training
    • Tools training
    • Emerging digital topics
Customized for your needs and challenges
Academy of Digital Media will customize a course curriculum based on the foundations of our almost 2 decades of industry knowledge and training experience. In addition, we can create completely new course content to address the specific needs of an organization. The training can be delivered through in-person live sessions and/or on-demand or live webinars.

To develop a customized training course, we explore many variables using pre-training questionnaires and digital media knowledge and skills assessment tools, as well as discussions with various stake-holders, to determine the optimum course outline, focus, length and the format for delivering the training. The assessment and discussions cover the following:
  • Experience levels and sales skills
  • Media site and ad product capabilities
  • Format and placement of ad technology within the ecosystem
  • Industry sector, local, national and international reach
  • Competitive situations
  • Long and short-term ROI and revenue requirements
  • Client demands and sophistication
  • Timing, logistics, management involvement
  • Commitments for ongoing reinforcement programs
  • Need for pre- and post-training testing and assessment
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Developed and optimized using latest Adult Learning techniques and methodologies
Only Academy of Digital Media courses are developed by professionals with not only extensive, real-world experience, but also with Master Degrees in both Teaching and Instructional Design! You will get not only the latest, most complete and comprehensive curriculum, but you will also get that curriculum structured and presented in a manner proven to be the most effective teaching and adult learning experience possible … meaning that students will learn much more, much faster … and be able to translate that learning into improved productivity immediately and for many months and years to come.

Academy of Digital Media courses are designed to successfully teach, simultaneously, groups made of students with a wide variety of skills, experience levels and talents. Each type of person may get something different out of the course, but they will all get both a significant amount of new learning, and the instruction necessary to achieve the desired learning outcomes that the course was designed to achieve.
Available as ½-Day, 1-Day, 2-Day and longer or recurring session lengths
Digital Advertising is a very complex and rapidly evolving industry and topic to have to learn, especially if that learning is expected to result in immediate job performance improvement. The most effective program length to really “move the needle” on results is a 2-day program, but shorter programs can achieve more limited goals, such as just passing the IAB Certification Exam or understanding the emerging world of Programmatic Media.

Academy of Digital Media private training can be designed to accommodate any amount of available time, and we’ll work with you to make sure that your goals can truly be achieved given the program length chosen.
Delivered by dedicated, professional, knowledgeable and experienced instructors
Every Academy of Digital Media instructor has many years, often decades, of actual real-world digital advertising experience. But perhaps just as importantly, they are also skilled and experienced teachers, coaches and consultants … able to interpret the many complex principles and topics of digital and integrated advertising in ways that students can truly and easily understand … and relate to for instant application in their world.
Presented at your offices or at any location(s) of your choosing … worldwide.
Academy of Digital Media instructors can present the program at an adequately size facility in your offices, or at a local or other hotel, conference center or other appropriate venue of your choosing. For companies with multiple locations, a multi-city presentation of the same or localized program can also be scheduled.
LMS and Academy Dashboard helps students and managers track access and progress
Academy of Digital Media Sample DashboardFor Private Training clients using our online webinars or testing, a Learning Management System and fun Dashboard functionality is provided. Users can access and track their exams, webinars and progress, and managers at various levels can monitor the activities and progress of all subordinates enrolled in the program.
Can be part of your annual, quarterly or other regular group meetings
Leverage the fact that all of your people are together already by having the Academy of Digital Media present a program before, during or after your already scheduled meeting(s).
Can include role-play and/or other student/instructor exercises
One of the main advantages of in-person training is that the students can interact with and ask questions of, the instructor. A program allowing the required amount of time can also include role-play and/or many other types of exercises and activities designed to further improve learning and retention.
Some examples of the hundreds of previous Academy of Digital Media Private Training programs we’ve done since 1998.
One of the main advantages of in-person training is that the students can interact with and ask questions of, the instructor. A program allowing the required amount of time can also include role-play and/or many other types of exercises and activities designed to further improve learning and retention.
  • Increase the confidence level of sellers
  • Change the sales conversation to include programmatic media
  • Pass the IAB certification exam
  • Ensure all departments (e.g. legal, procurement, operations) understand what the sales staff is doing to better support their efforts
  • Raise the digital IQ, make sure our sellers can train their clients on digital media
  • Be better prepared to handle objections, especially address low CTRs
  • Take market share and Improve how we sell against our competitors
For a local media company, with over 1100 reps across newspaper, TV and radio, we created and taught a customized three-day program in 10 different markets, and attended by senior sales executives, marketing, ad and revenue operations and management staff. This comprehensive training was augmented by a 2-step testing and certification program (pre- and post-training assessment) as well as a corporate license for our standard webinar. Client reported a 10X return on their training investment.

For a national cable operator, we taught a customized two-day media training for 400 local media reps and corporate management staff across 10 markets. This was augmented by a 2-step testing and certification (pre- and post-training assessments) and intensive role-playing and group activities to improve the adaptation of new skills. Client reported a significant change is digital sales practices and return on their training investment.

For national consumer magazines, we delivered two day digital and integrated media sales training with follow up sales skills training for individual magazine brands. These training sessions occurred over about two months, in different locations, including entire management teams, sales and support staff. The initial training was followed up by advanced training several weeks later, and then by review and learning application and reinforcement programs through the end of the year. Client reported their print sellers incorporate digital on every proposal and close 50% of the deals.

For a regional/national newspaper, we provide 2-4 program per year covering the digital media basics, programmatic, search, native advertising and other topics essential to local selling. Client is committed to ongoing training based on the increased confidence levels and the fact the team keeps exceeding their digital sales budgets.

For a B2B media company, we have provided several programs including hosting and emceeing a 2.5 day sales meeting to develop customized sales presentations, including pre-training homework assignments to workshops at the annual sales meeting, presentation evaluations and follow up sessions to hone specific sales skills.

For a major regional newspaper, the goal was to reinforce industry knowledge to pass the IAB Digital Sales Certification. Result, 100% of the 50 training attendees passed the certification exam.

For a shopping portal, the training goal was to raise the digital IQ of the 125 person sales team, and after two days of training, the average score increase was 33% and 100% of their team achieved the passing score and the sales team exceeded their digital goals. The webinars are now used for onboarding all new hires.

For another shopping portal, the two-day training included many exercises to encourage new thinking and selling with a customer focus. The results from this training are summed in a follow-up email: “ … we asked the team this afternoon to list out key AH HA moments from the training and listed them on the whiteboard [Image of the results not included]. As you can see, many themes surfaced and I can see the wheels are moving! The team is eager to put them to good use in the market and begin to tell our story and what it means for the customer.”