Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Why should I take an Academy of Digital Media training course?

    Answer: Since 1996, the Academy of Digital Media (formerly the Laredo Group) has given digital media buyers and sellers the tools they need to excel at their jobs. Our instructors are all experienced online advertising professionals and each offers unique, current, real-world insights into how to effectively use the technology and methodology available to today’s online advertiser.

    Academy of Digital Media training will introduce you to online advertising concepts and best practices that you can apply directly and immediately to your own online marketing needs. Whether you’re a veteran from traditional advertising or just getting started in media or advertising, Academy of Digital Media courses will provide you with the understanding and practical lessons that allow you to hit the ground running.

    Most of our public seminar and webinar students, and private training clients report that the training has an amazing return on investment … often paying for itself in days or weeks and then continuing to help them in very real, measurable ways for the following months and years.

  2. Which courses should I take?

    Answer: In 15 years we’ve trained over 100,000 industry professionals including veterans in buying and selling traditional media and people entering the industry for the first time. Because digital media buying and selling requires a special set of skills and understanding, we strongly encourage all Academy of Digital Media attendees to start with the Intelligent Selling of Interactive Advertising, Level I or Intelligent Planning & Buying of Interactive Media, Level I courses to get started.

    Each Academy of Digital Media course is a very full and intense day of learning. We are often told that our courses offered more in one day than other full week courses that students have taken, so it’s important to make sure you have all of the information you need at each level to move on to the next, since Level I courses provide very important foundational information for other courses and for doing your job better.

    While there is no specific requirement to take a Level I course first, it has been our experience that people who do not, even those who think they understand the material covered in the Level I course, often do not get as much out of the Level II course as they otherwise would. We encourage our students to carefully read the Course Outline for the Level I course, to determine their current level of understanding for all those topics. If after review, you feel that you have a solid understanding of the Level I content then you may sign up for just the Level II course.

    With regard to other specific-topic courses, covering email, search engine marketing and other topics, the name and outline convey what you need to know in order to determine if that’s the right course for you. All Academy of Digital Media courses are ‘How-To’ focused, so you can be confident that after the course, you will indeed know how to do what you came to learn.

  3. Who should take Academy of Digital Media training courses?

    Answer:  Media Sellers, Media Buyers, and Marketers.

    • Media Sellers
      • In-House Sales Team
        • VP of Sales
        • Sales Managers
        • Sales Reps
        • Sales Support Staff
        • Marketing Staff
        • Business Development Staff
        • Editorial Staff
        • Media Buyers
        • E-media Directors
      • Agency Team
        • Account Managers
        • Account Executives
        • Creative Services
        • Team E-media Director

    Learning how to monetize a web site is no easy task. Every site offers advertisers the opportunity to reach a unique audience, but in a highly competitive marketplace it is key that you learn how to differentiate your site from others and show potential advertisers the benefits of advertising on your site.

    Digital media sales staff need to understand how to best leverage the impressions they can offer to advertisers and to take advantage of special opportunities that can be used to increase income while providing the greatest level of service to agencies and advertisers.

    Academy of Digital Media’s Intelligent Selling of Interactive Advertising courses have been specially designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the skills and techniques needed to effectively sell digital advertising media and other integrated advertising programs.

    • Media Buyers
      • Marketers
        • VP, Director, Manager, Supervisor of Marketing
        • Marketing Support Staff
        • E-marketing Managers
        • E-media Directors
        • Media Planners
        • Media Buyers
        • Media Team Support Staff
      • Agency Team
        • Account Managers
        • Account Executives
        • Creative Services Team
        • E-media Directors
        • Media Planners
        • Media Buyers
        • Media Support Staff

    Unlike with traditional media buying, the options and opportunities available for digital media buyers are almost infinite. How do you get started? Which web sites should you buy space on? How do you buy media through search engines, email or any of a dozen emerging media channels?

    During each Academy of Digital Media training course our instructors will provide you with the understanding and tools necessary to effectively work your way through the maze of choices available to find those that best meet your needs and the needs of your clients. Our Intelligent Planning and Buying of Interactive Media, Level II course offers a solid full day of training specifically designed to give media buyers the skills and knowledge needed to take advantage of online media buying opportunities.

    • Marketers
      • In-House Marketing Team
      • VP of Marketing
      • VP/Director/Manager Marketing Communications
      • VP/Director/Manager Email Marketing
      • VP/Director/Manager CRM
      • Media Buyers
      • Media Planners
      • Creative Services
    • Creative Team
      • Search Engine Marketing Directors
      • Search Engine Marketing Managers
      • Search Engine Marketing Specialists
      • Webmasters
      • Web Designers
      • Web Development Team VP Marketing
      • Email Marketing Managers
      • Sales and Marketing Directors
      • VP/Director/Manager of New Business Development
      • Database Marketing Managers

    Effective marketing is based on effective communication. By learning how to best use the digital marketing tools available to today’s marketer, course participants gain the skills they need to reach consumers across many online channels.

    Academy of Digital Media training includes in-depth courses that cover specific digital marketing channels such as Programmatic Media, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Advertising and Using Behavioral Targeting Technologies to provide marketers with the expertise and knowledge they need to succeed in these marketing channels.

  4. How long is each course?

    Answer: Courses start promptly at 9:00 AM and end at 4:30 PM; though we do sometimes run a bit late if there are many questions during the day that require more time to answer. You should plan to arrive at 8:30 AM for registration. A continental breakfast and hot hearty lunch are served, as well as morning and afternoon refreshments and snacks.

    The agenda for Academy of Digital Media Training Courses is as follows:
    • 8:30AM – 9:00AM Sign-In/Continental Breakfast
    • 9:00AM – 9:15AM Welcome & Opening Remarks
    • 9:15AM – 10:15AM Course Session I
    • 10:15AM – 10:30AM Morning Break/Refreshments
    • 10:30AM – 12:00PM Course Session II
    • 12:00PM – 12:45PM Luncheon Served
    • 12:45PM – 2:00PM Course Session III
    • 2:00PM – 2:15PM Early Afternoon Break/Refreshments
    • 2:15PM – 3:15PM Course Session IV
    • 3:15PM – 3:30PM Afternoon Break/Refreshments
    • 3:30PM – 4:20PM Course Session V
    • 4:20PM – 4:30PM Wrap-Up/Q&A

  5. Can I take just the Level I or Level II course without taking the other?

    Answer: Yes, but… (see next question)

  6. Do I need to take both the Level I and Level II course?

    Answer: Most probably. The Level I course provides the base level of knowledge necessary to fully absorb and use the learning provided in the Level II course. While many people who have been doing online for even as much as a few years feel that they already know the Level I material, it has been our experience that many people do not truly know it, do not know it thoroughly enough … even worse … know it incorrectly!

    The Level II course then provides the training necessary to apply this base knowledge productively to your job, whether it is on the sell or buy side of the business … depending on which specific Level II course you take.

    While in years past all of this material was able to be presented in a one day course, the industry has grown to the point where that is simply no longer possible. There are too many money-making opportunities available now in online and interactive advertising to fully cover in just one day. The two-day, Level I and Level II course structure provides you with all of the information you need to truly do the best job you can for yourself and your company, customers or clients.
  7. Why should I take Academy of Digital Media training instead of attending an industry conference?

    Answer: Most “training” presented at conferences is really nothing more than a sales pitch by the company presenting what they claim to be training. While there is some value that can be derived from this type of presentation, it is almost always skewed to the point of view or product of the presenter. It can, therefore, be very difficult to separate the value of what’s being presented from the sales hype that often accompanies these presentations. Conference attendees aren’t generally given an impartial and fair view of what they need to know and how to apply it to meet their specific business and marketing needs.

    For companies with limited resources, getting the best value for money spent is an increasingly necessary goal. While attending conferences can offer attendees some industry knowledge and benefits, these venues can also restrict what gets learned due to unfocused panel discussions and conference sessions whose schedules often conflict with one another.

    Each Academy of Digital Media training session is the result of hundreds of hours of design and development work that focuses on providing attendees with the complete and impartial knowledge they need and teaches them how to apply that knowledge toward meeting their business and marketing goals. No hype, no exaggerated or inaccurate claims, no secret agendas.

  8. Why would I send my staff to Academy of Digital Media training in these difficult economic times?

    Answer: Tough financial times come and go. The companies that weather them the best are those that have the knowledge and resources to come up with productive solutions for their clients during these challenging times.

    Academy of Digital Media training can be, for many people or companies, a non-trivial investment. But most of our students and clients report a full pay-back literally within a few days or weeks, and that continued pay-back of their training investment continues for years to come. Academy of Digital Media training typically has one of the best ROIs of any business investment you’ll ever make.

    This growth means that traditional advertisers have a great opportunity to start adding in-demand interactive services to their portfolios. It also means that that there is an ongoing need for people who understand digital advertising and who can best fill the needs of their clients and customers.

  9. How much do Academy of Digital Media courses cost? Are there discounts for groups or multiple courses?

    Early Bird Pricing
    (15% off)*
    – Up to 3 weeks prior –
    Standard Pricing
    Level I Courses $       594 $       699
    Level II Courses $       594 $       699
    Level III Courses $       679 $       799
    Specialty Courses $       764 $       899

    Prices, dates, locations, course content and other specifications are subject to change without notice.

    Multi-Course Registration Discounts
    Discount based on total number of courses for all people registered in one registration process. For example, if you register 2 people for 3 courses each, the total number of courses would be 6 and the multi-course discount would therefore be 14% as per the chart below. Click here for more info. In-Person Seminars and Online Training courses are calculated separately for course totals and are not additive.

    Group and Multi-Course Registration Discounts
    Our pricing structure automatically includes discounts for groups or multi-course registrations by increasing the discount level based on the number of total courses registered for during one registration process, regardless of whether it is for one person taking multiple courses, or groups of people taking one or more courses each.

    2 courses = 5%3 courses = 7%4 courses = 9%5 courses = 10%
    6 courses = 11%7 courses = 12%8 courses = 13%9 courses = 14%
    10 or more courses = 15%

  10. How do I register for an Academy of Digital Media course?

    Answer: To attend public seminars or on-demand webinar, you can register for a course through the Academy of Digital Media web site. Click here to select your courses and register.

    To request private in-house courses, call Jeff Leibowitz at (561) 771-6200 or email him.

    We accept Checks, Credit Cards and Wire Transfer payments.

  11. How can I find if Academy of Digital Media is offering training in my area?

    Answer: The Academy of Digital Media web site contains the current list of upcoming courses (with more being added all the time) and the cities we will be visiting. Click Here to view the current schedule. To be notified as soon as a course is scheduled, please click here to sign up and you will be automatically notified as per the interests you fill out.

  12. I registered for a course but haven’t received confirmation yet. What should I do?

    Answer: Registration confirmations are sent automatically to the email address entered as part of your registration. In the event that this email doesn’t reach you shortly after registration, log into your Academy of Digital Media account to make sure that the given email address is correct. If necessary, you can correct an incorrect address by sending an email message to us along with a request to have the registration information resent.

  13. What is Academy of Digital Media’s cancellation policy?

    Answer: If the attendee cancels their registration more than 10 days before the first seminar date, we will refund the registration costs minus a $95 administrative fee per student. No registrations cancelled within 10 days of the seminar date will be refunded. However, re-booking for a future seminar will be allowed for a fee of $180 per seminar day paid.

    In the unlikely event that the Academy of Digital Media cancels any seminar, a full refund or an opportunity to attend an equivalent future seminar, at the option of the attendee, will be provided. However, the Academy of Digital Media shall not be responsible for, or offer any monetary compensation for, any expenses incurred by the registrant or attendee (including, but not limited to, non-refundable airline tickets or change fees) due to such a cancellation.

  14. Is there a limit on the number of people in each course?

    Answer: Class sizes vary in each city however, they are kept to a size that allows for optimal interaction between instructor and students. Depending on the course and city, class sizes typically range from about 15 to 35 people. If you are considering enrolling a large number of people from your company into one of the scheduled public training seminars you might also consider the advantages that our private training courses offer. See below.

  15. Does the Academy of Digital Media offer a deal with the hotels where the training is being held?

    Answer: Due to our relatively small class sizes, and the fact that typically about half of our students are local, we do not usually qualify for the room block requirements of most hotels. You should make your own arrangements at the seminar venue hotel if you’d like, or you can use Google Maps or other services to enter the address of the seminar venue and then plot the surrounding hotels, from which you can select where you’d like to stay.

  16. Will I be able to take the course training materials with me at the end of the course?

    Answer: Yes! Each course manual typically contains more than 200 hundred pages of information including the actual slides used during the course as well as the Academy of Digital Media Resource List and Glossary. The manuals are designed to allow you to take plenty of notes so that you can use your manual as a resource tool in the future.

  17. Does Academy of Digital Media offer private training?

    Answer: Absolutely! In fact, private training is the majority of our training business. While our public training courses offer a great deal of valuable insight, private training courses allows us to tailor the curriculum to fit specific company needs. Private trainings also allow our clients to talk more freely about specific challenges and solutions, turning many private training sessions into a combination training and consulting session. In most cases, private training also allows companies to save costs associated with attendee travel expenses.

    Private trainings can take place in the company’s workplace or in other locations as selected by the client. For private training details, scheduling and pricing, please call Jeff Leibowitz at (561) 771-6208 or email him.

  18. Why can’t I view the webinars?

    Answer: Academy of Digital Media Online Courses are streaming video and require a high-bandwidth, solid Internet connection.
    • Whenever possible, use a wired connection.
    • If using WiFi, please be as close to the WiFi device as possible, and definitely not more than 25 feet away.
    • Close ALL other browser pages, browser windows and applications (Outlook/e-mail, etc.) while viewing the webinars, especially those with persistent Internet connections.
    • Do not attempt to access webinars through a VPN connection.
    • Do not attempt to access webinars from heavily shared WiFi systems, such as at Starbucks, airports or other busy public venues.
    • The webinars WILL NOT WORK on airplanes, because GoGo blocks access to streaming video once it detects it, and for the reasons in the previous WiFi warning.
    • Make sure your Java and Flash versions are up-to-date.
    • Disable Pop-Up blockers.
    • If you have any problems accessing the webinars, please first check with your IT department to ensure the above, and confirm that streaming video is allowed to get through on your network.

    If, after confirming that all of the above is in order, you are still having any connection or other problems, contact Elaine Nasta at Academy of Digital Media via e-mail or by calling (954) 990-1650 for assistance. In order to help you, we will need to know the following:
    • What type/make/model device are you using (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, etc.)
    • Operating System of device
    • Type of connection (wired, wireless)
    • Location (home, office, etc.)
    • Connection device (cable modem, cell modem, DSL, T-1, etc.)
    • Speed of your connection (you can test your connection speed by going to www.speedtest.net – please send us the Ping, Upload, and Download results)
    • Browser type and revision number you are using.

  19. What type of Internet connection do I need to view the webinars?

    Answer: Whenever possible, use a wired connection. If using WiFi, please be as close to the WiFi device as possible, and definitely not more than 25 feet away. Do not attempt to access webinars through a VPN connection.

  20. Where can I view the webinars?

    Answer: In your office, home or other places with WiFi or direct Internet connection. If using WiFi, be close to the WiFi device as possible, and definitely not more than 25 feet away. Do not attempt to access webinars from heavily shared WiFi systems, such as at Starbucks, airports or other busy public venues. The webinars WILL NOT WORK on airplanes, because GoGo Inflight blocks access to streaming video once it detects it.

  21. Besides having Internet connection, are there any other technical requirements for viewing the webinars?

    Answer: Make sure your Java and Flash versions are up-to-date and disable Pop-Up blockers.

    Close ALL other browser pages, browser windows and applications (Outlook/e-mail, etc.) while viewing the webinars, especially those with persistent Internet connections.

    Do not attempt to access webinars through a VPN connection.