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Academy of Digital Media Training Course Discounts
Up to 30% Off with Multiple Courses … in addition to the 12% Early-Bird Discount!

Get a discount based on the total number of courses* signed up for in one registration process. For example, if you sign up 2 people for 3 courses each, the total number of courses would be 6 and the multi-course discount is 14-19%. Use the multi-course discount for one person to save money on multiple courses, or, for groups of people to save even more!

Multiple Sign-Up Discounts

2 courses = 5%3 courses = 7%4 courses = 9%5 courses = 10%
6 courses = 11%7 courses = 12%8 courses = 13%9 courses = 14%
10 or more courses = 15%     

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*Professional Certificates do not count towards Multi-Course discount levels and are not subject to a Multi-Course discount. In-Person Seminars and On-Demand Webinars courses are calculated separately for course totals and are not additive.
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The money I spent on your seminar for Buying and Planning Internet Media has paid off already! I have been dealing with two major online news publications and after your seminar I handled these rate and position negotiations as if I were an old pro. I wish I had taken your class years ago.

I have referred other friends to take advantage of the Academy of Digital Media’s great seminars.“

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