Be sure to ask questions before hiring a training company

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Here are 20 vital questions to ask when evaluating digital and integrated media training providers. The digital media ecosystem that drives advertisers’ need for and interest in digital media solutions is rapidly expanding and morphing. Advertisers need appropriate solutions – targeting audiences, platforms and content – as well as thought-leadership so their advertising dollars are not wasted. It’s critical media buyers and sellers are well versed in all aspects of the media value chain. The ACADEMY of DIGITAL MEDIA’s training combines best-practices with in-depth understanding of all of the elements of interactive advertising. Our focus is “performance” of digital and integrated campaigns. Accordingly, we’ve developed questions every media company must ask when evaluating digital and integrated media training providers.

20 Questions to Ask Your Digital Media Sales Trainer
  1. When the curriculum was last updated? How often is the curriculum updated? If recently updated, what topics, sections were updated or added?
  2. What specific IAB industry standards and best practices are covered, specific to ad units, creative formats, measurement, data, video, mobile and research?
  3. What, if any, input or perspective from the “other side of the desk” (agency or advertiser, or sales organizations) is incorporated into the curriculum?
  4. Who are advisors to the curriculum? Are vendors presenting or influencing part of the curriculum? If yes, how are they compensated?
  5. Does the curriculum address different industry verticals, e.g., local, B2B, pharma, consumer, travel, automotive, health care?
  6. What additional resources are available from the trainer? Are these free or for a fee?
  7. Can students access/email the instructor after the training?
  8. Is there testing/evaluation available for each course? If yes, how is that administered?
  9. What industry conferences or events has the trainer attended?
  10. At what industry conferences or events has the trainer been a participant, speaker, moderator?
  11. Ask “what are the biggest issues facing digital media buyers/sellers?”
  12. Ask for examples of how objections are handled, e.g., price, low CTR, low conversion rates?
  13. Can the trainer name the top vendors for different business categories, e.g., research, mobile, social, networks, exchanges, rich media, ad serving.
  14. How does the curriculum cover all the digital ecosystem components, e.g., display, mobile, social, and search?
  15. How will the curriculum give the buyer/seller a competitive edge?
  16. How does the curriculum address the needs of novice versus the more experienced planner/buyer/rep?
  17. What activities are used to engage the students and accelerate the learning process? How does the trainer make the content interactive?
  18. What do you do to help ensure the learnings are retained and behaviors are changed?
  19. How does the trainer get the participants involved, and ensure active learning?
  20. If private training, how can your curriculum be customized for my team’s experience, ad programs, client types challenges, etc.?
The ACADEMY courses train managers, account reps, planners and buyers on the importance of each of these elements, how to use them in developing account plans and strategies, and how to present and explain them as part of the conversation. Whether new to digital media or an experienced professional, the ACADEMY training programs will help accelerate your business and career.

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